Rob Petrie is an experiential designer, artist and educator. He believes that design is a responsibility of both observation and application. Rob specializes in analog representations, but his primary interest is rooted in the value of personal communication through verbal, visual and written arts.

Rob Petrie is a graduate of Virginia Tech and Cornell University. He has worked in Washington DC; Toronto, Ontario; Florence, Italy and presently resides in Syracuse, NY. He currently holds the position of Senior Project Designer at Dalpos Architects in Syracuse, NY.

Petrie Design|Arts is Rob's personal endeavor to continue connecting others to the richness of meaningful design.


Lively Agency - London

Locati Architects - Bozeman, MT

Blaze Media - Dallas, TX

Clients and Collaborations

1791 Supply Co. - Dallas, TX

Munge Leung - Toronto, Ont.

Solarium Design Group - Toronto, Ont.

VIP Structures - Syracuse, NY

The McBride Company - Manchester, VT

SWBR Architects - Rochester, NY

Brite Energy - Salt Lake City, UT

City of Syracuse - Syracuse, NY

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