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January 1, 2018

Petrie Design enters 2018 with an updated web site, refreshed look and soon a new store where orginal work, selected prints and artifacts will be available for purchase. A new addition to Petrie Design is the term "Arts" in the name. This small move is to help make a distinction between the active roll Rob plays in the arts with his complimentary passion for design. The most important thing we can do for each other is to try to understand each other. In order to understand we must learn to communicate. And communication comes in all forms: Verbal, written, visual, expressive, passive aggressive ;) The designer seeks to infiltrate intention and make sense of discordant parameters to generate a concept that in the end communicates in the hopes for others to understand. Petrie Design | Arts hopes to contribute to the complex challenge of understanding, communicating and with perseverance...inspire. Happy New year. Lets Enjoy and Share. 

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